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Alfa runs a number of charitable businesses around the UK which not only provide a large portion of the charity’s funds but also perform a fundamental role in our recovery centres. All of our businesses are led and staffed by men and women determined to lead transformed lives.

By working in one of our charitable businesses residents are given the opportunity to help fund their own recovery. This not only significantly reduces the financial burden on their families and the government but also gives them the opportunity to restore self-dignity and a sense of purpose. The result is that, on leaving Alfa, residents will have developed valuable skills which will allow them to contribute positively to their own family life and society. Residents develop job skills, diligence, punctuality, dependability, self-esteem, teamwork and respect for supervisors as they work in one of Betel’s businesses, namely:

  • Furniture repair

  • Restoration and Upholstery

  • House Removals and Clearances

  • Garden Maintenance and Landscaping

  • Tree Surgery

  • Retail Sales

  • Catering

We contract jobs with the local public, the government, businesses, churches and charities as our principle means of funding Alfa`s charitable activities.
If you are interested in finding out more information about a particular business then select a link below.

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