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     ALFALIFE was founded on November 3rd, 2009 in London. It is for the people who have been affected by hardships and often related eventualities, such as drug and alcohol abuse, homelessness, violence etc. Most of our team members have suffered from substance misuse problems in the past but after graduating from ALFALIFE programme, they now use their personal experiences and proven work skills to help others escape the trap of addiction, homelessness etc. We believe it is important that our staff has been through the same or similar issues that our clients are facing.
          ALFALIFE community consists of people that surround and support a person with drug dependency issues in loving, caring and accepting manner. Our common activities are aimed at changing the person’s behaviour, thought patterns and lifestyle choices in pace which is comfortable for the person, implementing our core values of unconditional love and acceptance. A person with an addictive disorder may face various problems, such as losing a place of residence or a job, financial difficulties, weakening ties with their family, rejection, low self esteem etc.
          The key aim of the ALFALIFE community is helping the person to renounce addiction, change a lifestyle choices, gain self respect and boost ones motivation to lead a different way of life and reintegrate back into society restoring family relationships and becoming a valued part of the community.
          The programme participants are involved in various social learning activities and practical tasks through which responsibility is gained:

       ·  Group therapy.

       ·  One to one counseling.

       ·  Lectures

       ·  Caring for new arrivals.

       ·  Looking after various animals which is therapeutical and extremely rewarding.

       ·  Learning new job skills.

       ·  Learning cooking, laundry and other day to day tasks for independent living.

​The duration of the recovery programme is 12 months or longer, conditions for admission to the ALFALIFE community are:

       ·  The first and key condition is the applicant’s voluntary desire to stop the use of any chemical substances or stimulants as well as motivation to begin the treatment;  

       ·  Available place within the community;

       ·  Following two provisional weeks, a mutual agreement is signed.

Programme participants anonymity is guaranteed.

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